qrstat [-ar ar_id,...]  [-help] [-u user,...]  [-explain]

       qrstat shows the current status of the available Univa Grid Engine ARs.
       The  selection  option -ar allows you to get information about specific

       The administrator and the user may define files which can  contain  any
       of  the  options described below. A cluster-wide sge_qrstat file may be
       placed under  $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/sge_qrstat  The  user  private
       file is searched at the location $HOME/.sge_qrstat.  The home directory
       request file has the highest precedence over the cluster  global  file.
       Command  line can be used to override the flags contained in the files.

       -ar ar_id,...
              Prints various information about the  ARs  identified  by  given
              ar_id list.

              Displays  the reason for the error state of an AR. Possible rea-
              sons are the unknown state of a host or queue instance.

              The output format for the alarm reasons is one line per  reason.

       -help  Prints a listing of all options.

       -u user,...
              Display information only for those ARs created by the users from
              the given user list.

              The string  $user is a placeholder for the current username.  An
              asterisk  "*"  can  be used as username wildcard to request that
              all users' ARs be displayed. The default value for  this  switch
              is "-u $user".

       -xml   This  option  can be used with all other options and changes the
              output to XML. The used schemas are referenced in the  XML  out-
              put. The output is printed to stdout.

       Depending  on  the  presence or absence of the -ar option there are two
       output formats need to be differentiated.

   Advance Reservation Summary (without -ar)
       Following the header line, a section  for  each  AR  is  provided.  The
       columns contain information for

       o  the AR id.

       o  the duration of the AR.

   Detailed Format (with -ar)
       The  output  contains  two  columns.  The  first  one  contains  all AR
       attributes.  The second one the corresponding value.

       SGE_ROOT       Specifies the location of the Univa Grid Engine standard
                      configuration files.

       SGE_CELL       If set, specifies the default Univa Grid Engine cell. To
                      address a Univa Grid Engine cell  qrstat  uses  (in  the
                      order of precedence):

                             The name of the cell specified in the environment
                             variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

                             The name of the default cell, i.e. default.

                      If set, specifies that debug information should be writ-
                      ten  to stderr. In addition the level of detail in which
                      debug information is generated is defined.

                      If set, specifies the tcp port on  which  sge_qmaster(8)
                      is  expected to listen for communication requests.  Most
                      installations will use a services map entry for the ser-
                      vice "sge_qmaster" instead to define that port.

                       Univa Grid Engine master host file
                       cluster qrstat default options
                       user qrstat default options

       sge_intro(1), qrsub(1), qrdel(1), qsub(1),

       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

UGE 8.0.0                $Date: 2008/07/19 17:12:57 $                QRSTAT(1)

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