Son of Grid Engine 8.1.4 Released (2013-09-06)

Dave Love announced yesterday the availability of SoGE 8.1.4 (by the way the only active open source fork meanwhile):

"Son of Grid Engine 8.1.4 is now available from The changes are mainly bug fixes plus some minor enhancements. See below for the significant ones. There are various binaries available as well as the source, including Debian ARM packages in which there seems to be some interest; source and packages are now signed.

This represents a milestone: the free code base has now advanced over 1000 pa(t)c(h)esĀ¹ since the last Sun contribution, allowing for a few backwards.

Unfortunately, building on MS Windows, at least, is broken; I didn't have a properly functioning Windows environment before assembling the release. That should be fixed shortly.

Please report bugs, patches, and suggestions for enhancement (Some enhancements and fixes are already available in the repository/snapshots.)"