Update of the Univa Grid Engine Vagrant integration (2016-06-15)

I just updated the Vagrant integration for Univa Grid Engine so that it allows you to create an Univa Grid Engine 8.4 test cluster with three hosts just by calling vagrant up.

Just place the new Univa Grid Engine 8.4 Demo Packages ge-8.4.0-demo-bin-lx-amd64.tar.gz and ge-8.4.0-demo-common.tar.gz in the directory. You can download them from Univa

The referenced CentOS box was required to be updated to version 7.2, so if it is not yet cached locally by Vagrant a bigger download will follow. Also Docker is now going to be installed (and a config change needs to be done) on the hosts so that you easily can try the Docker integration by requesting images for your jobs. Also a simple script which downloads, compiles, and installs runc is in the directory.

For any kind of problems please create an issue at the github repository directly.

After the intallation process you can run your first Docker job in Univa Grid Engine:

  • vagrant up --> this might take a while
  • vagrant ssh --> you are now on the master node
  • qhost --> just showing if the cluster is up and running
  • docker pull golang:latest --> we need an image for our container
  • cd /nfs
  • warning: mounting non-fitting /etc in Docker could become dirty
  • qsub -b y -l docker,docker_images="*golang:latest*" -wd /nfs -xdv /nfs:/nfs,/etc:/etc -S /bin/sh /bin/sleep 123
  • docker ps --> it is launched locally because our image is only there / watch the created container
  • qdel --> remove the job and along with it the container
  • docker ps --> see that the container is removed
  • launch now an interactive job
  • qrsh -l docker,docker_images="*golang:latest*" -xdv /nfs:/nfs,/etc:/etc
  • you are now in the container
  • ps -ef --> see PID namespace isolation within the container