Univa Grid Engine 8.0.1 released

At the 3rd of October 2011 Univa released the next version of Univa Grid Engine (UGE 8.0.1), which is a big step forward in term of stability. A real cool thing is that UniSight is now bundled. In total you can say that Univa Grid Engine is now the leader of all Grid Engine flavors (and the most actively developed one)...;-)

Univa about the new release:

"And why you should be taking a close look at it

Today, Oct 3 2011 we have announced Univa Grid Engine 8.0.1. It is available to our increasing number of customers as well as a free trial. For Univa Grid Engine 8.0.0 customers 8.0.1 is a straight forward upgrade. For users of other Grid Engine versions we have maintained an as simple as possible update path.

Here are the key reasons why you should have a look at Univa Grid Engine 8.0.1:

  • First and foremost on behalf of stability, performance and scalability. Univa Grid Engine 8.0.1 provides more than 200 improvements over the last open source version of Grid Engine 6.2u5. See here for more information
  • Support for and integration with NVIDA GPU resources. Make sure jobs requiring GPU resources run on the best suited host.
  • Further improvements to the core binding facility for making more efficient use of multi-core architectures.
  • UniSight reporting, accounting and analytics is now bundled in with Univa Grid Engine.
  • Further improvements such as enhancements to the JSV feature and to qrsh as well as extensions for array jobs and many more.

Please check out the information on our website at www.univa.com or go directly to the Univa Grid Engine product page or directly to the free trial."